St George's Episcopal Church

Ministries & Committees

St. George's carries out the ministry of Jesus Christ through a range of committees, organizations, guilds, and task forces.  A brief discussion of the various ministry groups at St. George's follows below.  The contact person for each group appears in italics next to the group's name.


Acolytes - Judith Hutchinson

The Acolytes serve on the Altar assisting the Priest-in-Charge with all Services.  The Acolytes at St. George’s are members of theha hagios georgios chapter of the Order of St. Vincent.  


The Acolytes of St. George's
The Acolytes of St. George's


Altar Guild - Judith Hutchinson

Altar Guild members prepare the altar and worship space for liturgical observances.  They also care for and maintain the vestments, linens and vessels used during services.


Brotherhood of St. Andrew - Grafton Daniels, Jr.
The purpose of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew is to study Holy Scripture regularly, to attain better understanding of how to follow Christ, and to bring others, especially men and boys, into God's Kingdom. The Brotherhood renders service in the form of projects in and around the church such as; clean up and maintenance, providing hospitality on occassion, assisting during youth events, and support for the Order of the Daughters of the King.

Building and Grounds - Joe Wynn and Grafton Daniels, Jr.

Buildings and Grounds members oversee the care of the physical plant, including the church building, annexes, and grounds.

Choirs - Co-Directors: Pamela Alexander and James McKinney

The St. George’s Parish Voices and the Children’s Choir all support the overall mission of the church by demonstrating good selection, knowledge and performance of music. The primary goals are to:

  • Praise and glorify God through music and song by singing anthems and leading the congregational singing and service music for all Sundays.

  • Strengthen and lift the spirit of the St. George’s Church family through song.

  • Use song to support the message of the liturgy.

  • Participate in special events/services as requested and appropriate.

  • Continue to support and render both traditional and contemporary music settings.

The St. George’s Parish Voices rehearse primarily on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 9:00 pm, and occasionally on Thursdays  (as specified) and sings at the 10:00 am Sunday services. All interested persons are welcome. In addition to our regular duties, we render music for the annual Homecoming, Christmas Eve, Christmas, Palm Sunday, Easter, and International Day services. Parish Voices will support the young people in Amahl and the Night Visitors on December 18.

We welcome the following members: William Byrd, Carmen Campbell, Renee Campbell, Christie Dashiell, Gregory Evans, Erika Gilmore, Yvette Holt,  Gregory Lewis, Darryl Perry, Paula Potts, Dorette Prince, Bobby Telley, Mary Thompson and Juanita Williams. And we encourage anyone else who is interested to join us! 

The St. George’s Children’s Choir sings at the 10:00 am service on 5th Sundays and other services as specified. Any child may participate; the only requirement is that they make at least one rehearsal. The children rehearse immediately after the 10:00 am Sunday service one week prior to a performance, or as indicated by the directors. The fifth Sunday dates scheduled for 2016 are: January 31, May 29 and October 30.
In 2015 the Children’s Choir performed on the Dick and Ayanna Gregory program in February. Some also joined other youth in this summer’s Free to Be Me program, where they did another fantastic job performing on the final day of activities. Most members also participated in the St George’s Homecoming Recital held on October 5.
We want to acknowledge and thank the following members: D’Anthony Belnavis, Devin Campbell, Renee’ Campbell, Matthew Foster, Milan Haight, Donnell Haight, Jr., Justin Jackson, Shawn Lattisaw, Cali Marcoux, Ambe McKinney, Azinwi McKinney, Gabrielle Moore and Kierstin Oliver.

Christian Education - Fr. Marcoux and Keith Roachford

Under direction of the Priest-in-Charge, the Christian Education committee develops and presents programs geared towards providing religious education to the youth and adults of the parish on a variety of topics related to Christian life.  The committee also provides appropriate literature and supplemental readings to enrich understanding of the Bible.  Adult Bible Study is held each Sunday from September to June at 9:00 a.m.  The  Priest-in-Charge typically leads the adult bible study class.
A Sunday School program is offered at St. George’s for pre-school to high school age children from September to June.  The program begins at 10:00 a.m. All Sunday School children are brought to the main sanctuary to participate in the Communion.  The teachers for the children’s Sunday program are comprised of volunteers from the congregation. 
Sunday School Children Present Christmas Play
Sunday School Children Present Christmas Play

During Lent and Advent, and at various other times during the year, weekly Wednesday bible study series are also held. Recent series topics have included The Beautitudes, The Passion of Christ, and The Gospel of Luke.  There is no formal enrollment process for any of the Christian education programs and classes are always “open”.  

Communication - Gregory H. Evans and Andrea Thomas
The purpose of the Communication Committee is to assist in the dissemination of information about St. George’s, its programs and its ministries, to the congregation, the community and to the diocese.  The committee coordinates, conducts and collaborates on publicity and marketing efforts for church programs, activities, and other aspects of our Parish life.  This includes assisting other committees in the design and dissemination of event or program flyers and announcements; development and maintenance of the church website, and publication and distribution of the church newsletter, The Dragon, and the weekly electronic information and news update, The Grapevine.


Order of the Daughters of the King, Elizabeth Chapter Bernice Ross

The members of the Elizabeth Chapter of the Order of the Daughters of the King live by the Rule of Life that requires a spiritual discipline of daily prayer, service and evangelism.  The Daughters' outreach includes an annual mitten and glove collection drive and weekly delivery of flowers to the homebound and sick parishioners.

Elizabeth Chapter, Daughters of the King
Elizabeth Chapter, Daughters of the King


 Episcopal Church Women - Renee' Campbell

"The Episcopal Church Women (ECW) is a national Episcopal organization that helps the women of the Episcopal Church carry on Christ’s work of reconciliation in the world and take their place as leaders in the life, governance and worship of the church.  It is formed by, and serves, women of all ages, ethnic origins, and socio-economic backgrounds in the Episcopal Church.  The ECW offers programs and opportunities in spiritual growth and nourishment, fellowship, education, leadership and training skills, focus for mission, service, social action and advocacy, heightened awareness, ecumenism, and a world wide network.”  The St. George’s ECW is comprised of the women of the parish.  Its purpose is to support programs within the parish, to meet Diocesan ECW obligations, and to contribute to various charities.  All women of the church are deemed members of ECW by virtue of their membership in the church.  Annual dues are $25.


Each year, usually on the first Sunday in May, ECW sponsors its Annual Women’s Day.  On Women’s Day, ECW bestows special honors on parishioners in the church.  The President’s Award honors a woman who has displayed exemplary service to her church, Rector, community and the Diocese.  The Emerging Leader Award highlights the achievements of two young people, one in the 10-17 age group, and one in the 18-25 age group, who have demonstrated outstanding leadership abilities and service to the church, their school and the community.  Nominations for all awards are made by members of the church and the recipients are selected by a committee of ECW members.  


ECW's Annual Shrove Tuesday "Mardi Gras" Celebration
ECW's Annual Shrove Tuesday "Mardi Gras" Celebration


Evangelism and Membership Ministry 

The Evangelism and Membership ministry is charged with developing and executing a plan to spread the good news of God’s saving grace and the ministry of this church throughout the community. Its objective is to present Jesus Christ to people in such a way that they are led to believe in and follow him, ideally within the fellowship of our church. Guided by God, this ministry strives to equip all members of St. George’s to be disciples and to make evangelism a real and an attainable aspect of each of our daily walks. To achieve these goals, the Evangelism and Membership Ministry provides education, spiritual direction, and the resources of the sacraments to empower all members of our church to move from membership to discipleship, and to enable our church to move from maintenance to mission. This ministry annually sponsors “International Sunday” and coordinates the “Welcome Wagon”, the Sunday greeters program where members of the congregation extend the “welcome” to visitors during each Sunday service. The Evangelism and Membership ministry also sponsors a community fiber arts club where participants meet twice a month to learn or advance their knitting, crochet, or weaving skills. The Evangelism and Membership ministry is charged with developing and executing a plan by which we at St. George’s can spread the good news of God’s saving grace and the ministry of this church throughout the community, with the objective of presenting Jesus Christ to people in such a way that they are led to believe in and follow him, ideally with the fellowship of our church.  Guided by God, this ministry strives to equip all members of St. George’s for to be disciples and to make evangelism and real and attainable aspect of each of our daily walks.  To achieve these goals, the Evangelism and Membership Ministry provides education, spiritual direction and the resources of the sacraments to empower all members of our church to move from membership to discipleship, and to enable our church to move from maintenance to mission. This ministry annually sponsors “Friends & Family Day” and “International Sunday”, coordinates the Sunday Greeters program, and published the current parish brochure.


Hospitality - Sandra McMillian and Dorrette Prince

The Hospitality Committee serves as formal hosts and hostesses for our Church and Rector, in extending a warm and cordial welcome to our members and guests.  The Hospitality Committee prepares and serves a light repast after Sunday services and coordinates food service at other special events and observances held during the year.  The committee is also responsible for maintaining general items in kitchen stock for use at coffee hours and repasts.  


Men of St. George’s - Grafton Daniels, Jr., Keith Roachford, and Gregory H. Evans

The continued mission of The Men of St. George’s (“The Men”) is to provide a platform for spiritual growth and Christian fellowship for the adult male membership of St. George’s.  The Men strive to uphold the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the mission of the Episcopal Diocese, and St. George’s Church.  This goal is accomplished through stewardship, charity, and service.  The Men have traditionally sponsored two breakfast's, The Advent Breakfast, marking the preparation for the celebration of the first coming of the Messiah, and The St. George’s Day Breakfast.  The Men also sponsor Men’s Day every year featuring an invited speaker and presentation of the “Man of the Year” Award.

Music and Arts - Pamela Alexander and James McKinney
The purpose of the Music and Arts ministry is to spread God's Word through the Arts and encourage participation and fellowship within the church and community by utilizing music, song, dance, and arts and crafts.  Recent events sponsored by the Committee include Jazz Hot Friday Concerts and Dinners and Christmas Wreath Making and Holiday Sing.

Outreach Ministry - Janis Evans

The Outreach Committee administers the Church’s primary community outreach projects and programs.  However, many other organizations within the church extend St. George’s outreach ministry by sponsoring additional activities to benefit members of the community.  The primary ongoing efforts of the Outreach Committee include the Kwanzaa Kitchen breakfast program, the Free to Be Me evening summer camp, and the Sharing Committee Holiday Gifts.  


The Kwanzaa Kitchen breakfast program offers spiritual nourishment to the bodies and souls of those in need as we expand God’s kingdom in our community.  Volunteers provide clothing and social support as needed.  In conjunction with Howard University College of Dentistry, dental screenings have also been incorporated into the program.  At each breakfast session, participants engage in a discussion session about the Bible or a social issue, led by Janis Evans or a designated member of the Committee.  A special brunch and service are held on New Year’s Day.  The program celebrated its 15th Anniversary in November 2007. For details visit:

"Free to Be Me" is an evening summer camp which has been quite successful in providing outreach services to area children.  Children participate in activities to enhance their creative talents.  They have participated in African dance, music, poetry, talent shows, and role playing.  Character-building exercises, with an emphasis on Christian values, are also a regular part of the program.


"Free to Be Me" Summer Youth Camp session
"Free to Be Me" Summer Youth Camp session


Youth Camp
St. George's annually sponsors young people to enable them to attend Camp Bob in North Carolina.

Sharing Committee

At Thanksgiving and Christmas each year, the Sharing Committee purchases grocery store gift cards and presents them to 25 needy families in the church and surrounding community.  Potential recipients are referred by members of the parish and the staff at the nearby Gage Eckington Elementary School.


The youth of the parish, primarily through the Sunday School program, are provided opportunities to participate in the church’s outreach and member care efforts.  On Easter Sunday, baskets prepared by the children of the church are delivered to sick or shut-in members of the Church.  Plans are also being made to involve the children in a local walk-a-thon for homeless sponsored by another church in the dioceses and sponsoring a needy child.

Pastoral Visiting Lay Eucharistic Ministers (PVLEM) - Fr. Marcoux
Lay Eucharistic Ministers are licensed by the bishop according to the canons of the church and act under the Bishop's authority through the Office of the Priest-in-Charge.  A Pastoral Visiting Lay Eucharistic Minister (PVLEM), assists the celebrant in distributing the Sacrament in their form.  In addition, PVLEMs may take the Holy Communion to those members who are not able to be present at the worship services.  The PVLEMs take communion out to parishioners who request it every second Sunday of the month.  Parishioners interested in any form of lay ministry should contact Fr. Marcoux.

Scholarships and Grants

St. George's has two (2) scholarship funds - The Mary B. Smith Book Fund and The Falva Joan Duncan Memorial Scholarship fund- that are designed to provide students in the congregation who meet the prescribed criteria with tuition and book assistance.  In addition, The Angel Network provides support for community and youth outreach within the church and in the larger community.  

Senior Ministry 
The Senior Ministry provides educational, recreational, and informative programs and activities for seniors at St. George's and in the community.  


Stewardship Committee - Grafton Daniels, Jr. and Juanita Williams 

The primary purpose of the Stewardship Committee is to promote an active stewardship among the members of the church, in support of St. George’s movement from membership to discipleship, and from maintenance to mission.  The committee seeks to educate and move parishioner to action in terms of the three aspects of stewardship – cheerfully giving of one’s time, talent and treasure.  During the year, the committee meets monthly to plan and implement activities to accomplish these goals.  The committee hosts an annual Stewardship Brunch, at which time pledges of time, talent and treasure for the coming year are formally solicited. 

Ushers and Greeters - Gordon Smith

The Ushers assure that members and visitors are greeted and seated with Christian hospitality, assist with the collection of the offering and the bringing forward of the elements for communion, and direct the flow of people during the service in an orderly and competent fashion.  The Sunday Greeters program invites members of the congregation to extend the “Welcome” to visitors at each Sunday service.  Anyone interested in this program may contact the chairperson of the Evangelism and Membership ministry. 

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