St George's Episcopal Church

About Us

Welcome to St. George's Episcopal Church!!

This Parish of the Episcopal / Anglican Church was founded in 1930 as an Episcopal Church for African Americans.  The current building was completed in 1969.  Significant renovations, including installation of an elevator, were completed in 2008.  

St. George's witnesses to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as expressed through the Anglican Tradition.  We serve as a guiding light for our parishioners as well as the larger community.  We strive in faith to be a parish of hope, love, and Christian fellowship based on the healing and forgiving grace of God.  Each member is empowered by the Holy Spirit to reach out and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ in both word and deed.  We bid you welcome in the name of the Lord!  The clergy are always available for instruction in the faith and practice of the Episcopal / Anglican Church and for counseling and spiritual direction.

We express our faith by . . . 


•Feeding the hungry through our Kwaanza Kitchen breakfast program.

•Reaching out to youth in our neighborhood through weekend and summer activities.

•Teaching God's Word in adult and children's Bible study programs.

•Opening our doors to local civic and community meetings.

•Joining with other churches through the North Capitol Street/Rhode Island Avenue Ecumenical Council.

•Providing food and clothing to those in need.

Here at St. George's you'll find that . . .

•We celebrate the unique gifts of each person in our community regardless of age, background, race, gender, marital status or sexual orientation.

•We welcome visitors and we invite to our Communion table any and all baptized Christians.

•We uphold the rights of all people and work hard to meet the needs of the community.

•We are proud of our long and close relationship with Howard University.